Monday, May 14, 2012


Yes, I am finally getting around to doing my best to fix up the audio from Mike Moore Company's Livin' In' Action.

I use Adobe Soundbooth for it. My Turntable needle, after only 4 MONTHS, is not really working well anymore. I can't be arsed to buy another one right now, so I might hold off on buying vinyl for a while. That's when YOU come in. If any of you have any library records that are not online or had been taken offline, send them to me and I can host them here. I WILL give you credit. If we all chip in, we can keep the Library dig alive and spread this great music.

Send me a personal message, an email or just comment on this and I will get back to you.

Thank you.

List of Releases I am looking for:

Release # Unknown- Power Pack- Convoy, 1989

ST 117- Patchwork/Mike Moore Company/Cosmic Angel- Patchwork Party, 1978

Selected Sound 5183-Wolfgang Murmann- Book Of Fantasy, 1996

Selected Sound 5156- Mike Moore Company- Mother Earth, 1994

Selected Sound 9101- Heinz Funk- Haendel Goes Electronic, Signals & Bridges in Music, 1982

Selected Sound 9105- Mike Moore Company- Rainbow Sessions, 1983

Friday, May 11, 2012

Upper Astral- Astral Massage

Ambient gold from Valley of The Sun Publishing!

Upper Astral- Astral Massage

Finally found one of their CDs. It took me ages, I think this was the only release that they re-released on CD. Their others were all cassette ones.

This is a beautiful release, with flutes and synthesizers, both tracks around 20 minutes long. If you're into other Valley of the sun releases, download this one! You will NOT regret it!


I'm sure some of you like this music I post. I think we should all spread the love. If you have any selected sound releases by people such as Mike Moore Company, Power Pack, or Claude Larson, share it with us! I can host it on my blog here and credit you. Contact me if you're interested in helping me in the audio archive dig.

What's Coming next:

Weekend Hobby- The quality of the rip has so many skips, pops and clicks. One track is missing 2 full minutes! I can't bring myself to post such unsatisfactory recording quality, but I'll attempt to remaster some of it soon.

Livin' In Action- I've remastered it. Sounds about as good as the audio quality for Sounds Of Life :/ But it's the best I can do right now.

Upper Astral- Astral Massage- Another rare release from Valley of the fucking Sun! How cool is that? Serene ambient music and great for meditation! Still waiting for it to be delivered, but at least it's a CD, so ripping will take no time.

Have a pleasant day.