Saturday, October 20, 2012

Sax-Bone Connection- Flashlight 1 (1984)

Here's a good one. This album is by Sax-Bone Connection, which is similar to Power Pack in that Klaus Netzle and Delle Haensch both worked on this album. Both of them had worked on the Power Pack albums. The difference is that another person named  Georges Delagay. I am not sure what label this was released on, and there is no info for this release on Discogs, but there is info for "Flashlight II"  which was released on a label called Egal-Musikverlag the following year, so I'm going to assume Flashlight I was released on the same label as the second.
Sax-Bone Connection- Flashlight I

It includes 12 tracks, and this is a rare release, recorded at Elmulab.