Friday, April 27, 2012

Klaus Netzle(Claude Larson)- Purple Sky

Here it is. Came in the mail only 2 DAYS after I ordered it!  This album is a nice, ambient one, with a few long tracks of pure awesome. The story behind the album is in the booklet. Apparently Klaus/Claude got his inspiration when he saw the reflection of the Golden Gate Bridge against the morning sky on a November morning some time in the 80s.  He worked on this album with library music great Delle Haensch.

Klaus Netzle and Delle Haensch- Purple Sky!

Please note that this release is not Selected Sound or SONOTON, it's Wergo/Spectrum.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

More Claude Larson, coming soon.. (and other updates)

I recently purchased Claude Larson (Klaus Netzle)'s "Purple Sky" album he did with Delle Haensch. It is a CD release, so it'll be not as much of a hassle ripping it onto my computer. In addition, I still need to seperate each track from "Weekend Hobby" and Mike Moore Company's "Livin' In Action".

Pics of the upcoming uploads....

Klaus Netzle and Delle Haensch- Purple Sky

                                           Various- Weekend Hobby (Selected Sound)

                                               Mike Moore Company- Livin' In Action

PS- If anyone can get the other Power Pack LPs (Future Projects CD version, Audiovision, The New Vision, Convoy) Then please do so. 

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Selected Sound – 9089, Konrad Plaickner & His Orchestra- Atlantic Crossing

This is not from my personal Record collection, but I had the mp3s and noticed this wasn't online, sol I uploaded it to mediafire. It's a great album, I highly recommend it.

Atlantic Crossing

Selected Sound ST 181- Mike Moore Company- "Sounds Of Life"

Here is another electronic library gem from Selected Sound, MMC's "Sounds Of Life," recorded in 1986. My Turntable stylus is already breaking so the quality is only so so, but I believe it will suffice for now. :) Here ya go:
Sounds Of Life

As well as the other 2 Records I need to remaster and upload, there are a bunch of old Selected sound and Claude larson albums that are not on the internet anymore, so I am going to reupload them onto mediafire for your convenience.