Thursday, April 25, 2013


I've talked about it before, I've tried to obtain it via trading (which didn't work out), I've searched up the name for hours....And finally, I am going to have the elusive Power Pack LP.....

                    CONVOY (1989)

Yes, Convoy! I had found one song entitled "Nightshade" from this LP on 4shared about a year ago, and ever since then I was hankering to hear the entire album, but couldn't find anything. No pictures, no other audio clips, nothing (Except a tracklisting on Elmulab's website, which you should check out) It was released on CD apparently, and I am buying it from the same person who I bought all my other Library LP's from, Fun Records AKA Funrec. You should all check out his stuff on Amazon and, he sells a large amount of great music, and he ships very quickly!

I am also planning to buy some more Mike Moore Company LPs on Amazon in the near future, such as "On  Air."

I'm going to be STOKED when "Convoy" is delivered to my house.

Click HERE to visit Elmulab's website