Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Selected Sound 5183 - Wolfgang Mürmann - Book Of Fantasy (1996)

Better known for his releases under the name Mike Moore Company, here is a later release from Wolfgang Murmann that I just got! This one is more new age-esque/electronic oriented than the older ones.

The Book Of Fantasy

SONOTON SON 164- Claude Larson- Industrial Future (1981)

This is a really great Claude Larson release, with a similar sound to his Synthesis album. Cover art by Lionel Koechlin, who also did the art for Synthesis. Co-composed by Manuel Landy in 1981. Enjoy Industrial Future, a great LP.

Claude Larson- Industrial Future


I will have 2 new albums to be uploaded shortly, as well as 2 re-uploads of albums in higher quality! I got a new needle for my turntable, so I will make sure to rip in higher quality!

Stay Tuned!

EDIT- I also have a Claude Larson release I forgot to upload- Here it comes.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

These are the releases I would like to post onto the site in the future. If anyone has it, please be kind and upload them so all can hear. I'm focusing on 3 artists here. Claude Larson, Power Pack, and Mike Moore Company.
(I am purchasing a Mike Moore Company release soon, not sure which one though. Once I buy it I'll post it up)

Claude Larson
Rivers (1981)
Magnetic Island(1985)
Music Pool(1989)
When the Cranes Migrate(1987)
Sound Dimensions (1978)
Far East Impressions vol. 1 (1983)
Middle East Impressions vol 1 (1983)
Wings in the Sky (Vinyl LP version- 1986)
Arabian Affair (1991)
Spanish Affair (1992)
Indonesian Affair (1993)
Balkan Affair (1993)
African Affair (1993)
The Middle East (1994)
Spot shots (1987)

Power Pack
Convoy (1989)
Audiovision (1985)

Mike Moore Company/Wolfgang Muermann

Midnight Roller (1982)
Rainbow sessions(1983)
Movies (1987)
Story Boards (1988)
Hot Vision (1989)
No Words (1990)
Ballads (1981)
Heartbeat (1991)
Rock Ballads (1993)
Mother Earth (1994)
On Air (1995)
Book Of Fantasy (1996)
World Adventure (1997)

(There may be more I'm not aware of, I have quite a bit of  the releases already though)

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Sax-Bone Connection- Flashlight 1 (1984)

Here's a good one. This album is by Sax-Bone Connection, which is similar to Power Pack in that Klaus Netzle and Delle Haensch both worked on this album. Both of them had worked on the Power Pack albums. The difference is that another person named  Georges Delagay. I am not sure what label this was released on, and there is no info for this release on Discogs, but there is info for "Flashlight II"  which was released on a label called Egal-Musikverlag the following year, so I'm going to assume Flashlight I was released on the same label as the second.
Sax-Bone Connection- Flashlight I

It includes 12 tracks, and this is a rare release, recorded at Elmulab.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sorry for lack of updates.

I have nothing to share with you guys right now. I'm gonna  buy a new needle for my turntable eventually so I can re-rip Sounds of Life and Livin in Action. Also I'll finally get to rip "Weekend Hobby"!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Various- Patchwork Party (Selected Sound ST 117 1986)

One of the most sought-after library LPs from Selected sound!
Sorry about the lack of updates, I haven't had any luck finding anything. Plus, I've been working on a different blog for ambient new age synth music which now has over 40 releases in its repertoire.

Patchwork Party

Friday, June 8, 2012


Unfortunately I have not found many other vinyl releases  I can upload. Plus, my turntable needle really isn't working anymore.If anyone wants to help contribute to this blog please notify me in the comments section. I will give you credit for your hard work and everything. I'm even willing to trade a couple albums I have downloaded if you roll that way.


(By the way, I'm going to try to remaster the awful quality of  "Weekend Hobby"

Monday, May 14, 2012


Yes, I am finally getting around to doing my best to fix up the audio from Mike Moore Company's Livin' In' Action.

I use Adobe Soundbooth for it. My Turntable needle, after only 4 MONTHS, is not really working well anymore. I can't be arsed to buy another one right now, so I might hold off on buying vinyl for a while. That's when YOU come in. If any of you have any library records that are not online or had been taken offline, send them to me and I can host them here. I WILL give you credit. If we all chip in, we can keep the Library dig alive and spread this great music.

Send me a personal message, an email or just comment on this and I will get back to you.

Thank you.

List of Releases I am looking for:

Release # Unknown- Power Pack- Convoy, 1989

ST 117- Patchwork/Mike Moore Company/Cosmic Angel- Patchwork Party, 1978

Selected Sound 5183-Wolfgang Murmann- Book Of Fantasy, 1996

Selected Sound 5156- Mike Moore Company- Mother Earth, 1994

Selected Sound 9101- Heinz Funk- Haendel Goes Electronic, Signals & Bridges in Music, 1982

Selected Sound 9105- Mike Moore Company- Rainbow Sessions, 1983

Friday, May 11, 2012

Upper Astral- Astral Massage

Ambient gold from Valley of The Sun Publishing!

Upper Astral- Astral Massage

Finally found one of their CDs. It took me ages, I think this was the only release that they re-released on CD. Their others were all cassette ones.

This is a beautiful release, with flutes and synthesizers, both tracks around 20 minutes long. If you're into other Valley of the sun releases, download this one! You will NOT regret it!


I'm sure some of you like this music I post. I think we should all spread the love. If you have any selected sound releases by people such as Mike Moore Company, Power Pack, or Claude Larson, share it with us! I can host it on my blog here and credit you. Contact me if you're interested in helping me in the audio archive dig.

What's Coming next:

Weekend Hobby- The quality of the rip has so many skips, pops and clicks. One track is missing 2 full minutes! I can't bring myself to post such unsatisfactory recording quality, but I'll attempt to remaster some of it soon.

Livin' In Action- I've remastered it. Sounds about as good as the audio quality for Sounds Of Life :/ But it's the best I can do right now.

Upper Astral- Astral Massage- Another rare release from Valley of the fucking Sun! How cool is that? Serene ambient music and great for meditation! Still waiting for it to be delivered, but at least it's a CD, so ripping will take no time.

Have a pleasant day.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Klaus Netzle(Claude Larson)- Purple Sky

Here it is. Came in the mail only 2 DAYS after I ordered it!  This album is a nice, ambient one, with a few long tracks of pure awesome. The story behind the album is in the booklet. Apparently Klaus/Claude got his inspiration when he saw the reflection of the Golden Gate Bridge against the morning sky on a November morning some time in the 80s.  He worked on this album with library music great Delle Haensch.

Klaus Netzle and Delle Haensch- Purple Sky!

Please note that this release is not Selected Sound or SONOTON, it's Wergo/Spectrum.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

More Claude Larson, coming soon.. (and other updates)

I recently purchased Claude Larson (Klaus Netzle)'s "Purple Sky" album he did with Delle Haensch. It is a CD release, so it'll be not as much of a hassle ripping it onto my computer. In addition, I still need to seperate each track from "Weekend Hobby" and Mike Moore Company's "Livin' In Action".

Pics of the upcoming uploads....

Klaus Netzle and Delle Haensch- Purple Sky

                                           Various- Weekend Hobby (Selected Sound)

                                               Mike Moore Company- Livin' In Action

PS- If anyone can get the other Power Pack LPs (Future Projects CD version, Audiovision, The New Vision, Convoy) Then please do so. 

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Selected Sound – 9089, Konrad Plaickner & His Orchestra- Atlantic Crossing

This is not from my personal Record collection, but I had the mp3s and noticed this wasn't online, sol I uploaded it to mediafire. It's a great album, I highly recommend it.

Atlantic Crossing

Selected Sound ST 181- Mike Moore Company- "Sounds Of Life"

Here is another electronic library gem from Selected Sound, MMC's "Sounds Of Life," recorded in 1986. My Turntable stylus is already breaking so the quality is only so so, but I believe it will suffice for now. :) Here ya go:
Sounds Of Life

As well as the other 2 Records I need to remaster and upload, there are a bunch of old Selected sound and Claude larson albums that are not on the internet anymore, so I am going to reupload them onto mediafire for your convenience.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Selected Sound – 11-5011- Claude Larson- Wings In The Sky (CD Release)

I got a really good one for you today....
Claude Larson & Manuel Landy- Wings In The Sky!

Not only is this Wings In The Sky, it also includes every track from Magnetic Island on it. It's Claude Larson and Manuel Landy at their best.

Note the cover art right here. It was created by artist Peter Maltz, who has done album artwork for numerous  musicians throughout the years. A few Selected Sound albums contain his work, such as Claude Larson's "Magnetic Island" and Power Pack's "Future Projects".

Coming up next-

Mike Moore Company- Livin' In Action
Mike Moore Company- Sounds Of Life
Various- Weekend Hobby

I am also looking for:

an elusive album by Power Pack entitled "Convoy". I found one mp3 from it on 4shared but there is no record of this LP on discogs, and the information I found on it was extremely limited. If anybody can help me with that, share your info.  Power Pack- Future Projects (CD Release). Not only will this probably be mastered better than my rip, but it also has the tracks from their other LP Audiovision on it.

Saturday, March 10, 2012


I have just bought some potentially awesome releases from my 2 favorite Selected Sound gurus: Claude Larson, and Mike Moore Company!

Here is what I purchased:
Claude Larson: Wings In The Sky
Mike Moore Company: Livin' In Action
Mike Moore Company: Sounds Of Life

I have also purchased "Weekend Hobby", a Selected Sound album which features various artists.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Robert Slap- Atlantis: Crystal Chamber

If you're a yogi who's into ambient music like myself, you're gonna love this gem here.
Robert Slap has released many beautiful and serene ambient pieces over the years. Such as:

The Eternal Om

The Ascension to the All that Is

Search for Utopia


Atlantis: Healing Temple

East of West

Shared Blessings

Zen Morning

Selected Sound ST 170- Future Projects, by Power Pack

Here it is, another rare gem from Power Pack!

I Present: Future Projects!

Next post will be a relaxing ambient CD by Robert Slap!

Power Pack- Iceland (HIGH QUALITY RIP!)

The last rip I did of Iceland was shite, so I decided to re-record it in 320 kbps and then re-master it on Adobe Soundbooth. Here it is!

My next post will be another Power Pack album I recently acquired.

My current plan is to track down the rest of the Power Pack releases and rip them.

This blog is not only for vinyl, but also for electronic music I like. You ambient fans will enjoy a certain CD by Valley of The Sun's own Robert Slap that has not been put on the internet yet! :)