Sunday, January 22, 2012

Robert Slap- Atlantis: Crystal Chamber

If you're a yogi who's into ambient music like myself, you're gonna love this gem here.
Robert Slap has released many beautiful and serene ambient pieces over the years. Such as:

The Eternal Om

The Ascension to the All that Is

Search for Utopia


Atlantis: Healing Temple

East of West

Shared Blessings

Zen Morning

Selected Sound ST 170- Future Projects, by Power Pack

Here it is, another rare gem from Power Pack!

I Present: Future Projects!

Next post will be a relaxing ambient CD by Robert Slap!

Power Pack- Iceland (HIGH QUALITY RIP!)

The last rip I did of Iceland was shite, so I decided to re-record it in 320 kbps and then re-master it on Adobe Soundbooth. Here it is!

My next post will be another Power Pack album I recently acquired.

My current plan is to track down the rest of the Power Pack releases and rip them.

This blog is not only for vinyl, but also for electronic music I like. You ambient fans will enjoy a certain CD by Valley of The Sun's own Robert Slap that has not been put on the internet yet! :)