Monday, March 26, 2012

Selected Sound – 11-5011- Claude Larson- Wings In The Sky (CD Release)

I got a really good one for you today....
Claude Larson & Manuel Landy- Wings In The Sky!

Not only is this Wings In The Sky, it also includes every track from Magnetic Island on it. It's Claude Larson and Manuel Landy at their best.

Note the cover art right here. It was created by artist Peter Maltz, who has done album artwork for numerous  musicians throughout the years. A few Selected Sound albums contain his work, such as Claude Larson's "Magnetic Island" and Power Pack's "Future Projects".

Coming up next-

Mike Moore Company- Livin' In Action
Mike Moore Company- Sounds Of Life
Various- Weekend Hobby

I am also looking for:

an elusive album by Power Pack entitled "Convoy". I found one mp3 from it on 4shared but there is no record of this LP on discogs, and the information I found on it was extremely limited. If anybody can help me with that, share your info.  Power Pack- Future Projects (CD Release). Not only will this probably be mastered better than my rip, but it also has the tracks from their other LP Audiovision on it.

Saturday, March 10, 2012


I have just bought some potentially awesome releases from my 2 favorite Selected Sound gurus: Claude Larson, and Mike Moore Company!

Here is what I purchased:
Claude Larson: Wings In The Sky
Mike Moore Company: Livin' In Action
Mike Moore Company: Sounds Of Life

I have also purchased "Weekend Hobby", a Selected Sound album which features various artists.