Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Selected Sound 5183 - Wolfgang Mürmann - Book Of Fantasy (1996)

Better known for his releases under the name Mike Moore Company, here is a later release from Wolfgang Murmann that I just got! This one is more new age-esque/electronic oriented than the older ones.

The Book Of Fantasy

SONOTON SON 164- Claude Larson- Industrial Future (1981)

This is a really great Claude Larson release, with a similar sound to his Synthesis album. Cover art by Lionel Koechlin, who also did the art for Synthesis. Co-composed by Manuel Landy in 1981. Enjoy Industrial Future, a great LP.

Claude Larson- Industrial Future


I will have 2 new albums to be uploaded shortly, as well as 2 re-uploads of albums in higher quality! I got a new needle for my turntable, so I will make sure to rip in higher quality!

Stay Tuned!

EDIT- I also have a Claude Larson release I forgot to upload- Here it comes.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

These are the releases I would like to post onto the site in the future. If anyone has it, please be kind and upload them so all can hear. I'm focusing on 3 artists here. Claude Larson, Power Pack, and Mike Moore Company.
(I am purchasing a Mike Moore Company release soon, not sure which one though. Once I buy it I'll post it up)

Claude Larson
Rivers (1981)
Magnetic Island(1985)
Music Pool(1989)
When the Cranes Migrate(1987)
Sound Dimensions (1978)
Far East Impressions vol. 1 (1983)
Middle East Impressions vol 1 (1983)
Wings in the Sky (Vinyl LP version- 1986)
Arabian Affair (1991)
Spanish Affair (1992)
Indonesian Affair (1993)
Balkan Affair (1993)
African Affair (1993)
The Middle East (1994)
Spot shots (1987)

Power Pack
Convoy (1989)
Audiovision (1985)

Mike Moore Company/Wolfgang Muermann

Midnight Roller (1982)
Rainbow sessions(1983)
Movies (1987)
Story Boards (1988)
Hot Vision (1989)
No Words (1990)
Ballads (1981)
Heartbeat (1991)
Rock Ballads (1993)
Mother Earth (1994)
On Air (1995)
Book Of Fantasy (1996)
World Adventure (1997)

(There may be more I'm not aware of, I have quite a bit of  the releases already though)